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Secure Digital Transformation

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Navigating customers to success

The time has come to view cyber security as an inseparable part of the digital transformation of business. Overcoming cyber threats depends on the will of management.

We, novias, assess the risks based on an understanding of your business characteristics and security measures capabilities, and propose security measures that fit the size of your business and budget.

Provide solutions based on business characteristics and risks

Effective and practical proposals that take into account day-to-day operations

Solutions to lack of dedicated personnel and know-how

proactive protection


Novias offers not only defensive measures against threats, but also preventive measures to minimise the attack surface.


Functional coordination and collaboration between IT and security assets to improve defence capabilities


Security awareness programme for employees


Assessing the security risks of your IT assets from an attacker’s perspective

M365 Security

Protects Microsoft 365 data from threats and trouble losses

your cyber security expert

vCISO - Cyber security advisory services to senior management

While business transformation initiatives are driven by management intent, there appears to be a lack of experience and know-how for digital business transformation.

novias provides a vCISO (virtual CISO) that complements the information security know-how of the customer management team and provides recommendations.

About us


novias was set up to be a partner for companies that have limited security measures. We keep pace with your digital strategy and provide the best solutions with no bias – from complementary know-how to operational resources and products – to help you navigate your way to success.