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Information security Advisory services

Towards a digital transformation that complements core competencies

The incorporation of digital technology into business transformation cannot wait. However, not many companies have appointed a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), a member of management with expertise and knowledge in digital. As a result, the current situation is that systems are being thrown over to digital product providers. The decision to utilise digital technologies that complement and accelerate core competencies must not be relinquished. It is management itself that is in the driver’s seat, never the product provider.

novias offers a vCISO service on request, which compensates for the lack of information security know-how at the management level and provides recommendations.

Wide range of support

Provides advice and consultancy not only on security, but also on all aspects that make up a business, from information infrastructure to communication and workspace, as well as business continuity and durability


The technology you need may be found abroad. novias also crosses language barriers with its bilingual service.

No Bias

novias is derived from the word “No Bias”. Our motto is to provide advice from the cutting edge of digital technology with the aim of delivering what our customers really need.