Affordable. Scalable. Flexible.

Monitoring, management and response Automation in one place

ultimate simplicity based on operational efficiency

BlockAPT is a platform that aggregates and analyses centralised monitoring, threat detection, system events and intelligence, and automatically operates multi-layer defence and preventive measures via playbooks and APIs. The easy-to-understand, simple, no-code playbook design and automated operation reduces labour and other costs. Continuously counter advanced threats by maximising the use of deployed solutions.

Automatic operation through playbooks

No-code construction of complex collaborative processes between analysis and security response derived from detection and intelligence

Suitable for a wide variety of applications

Not just for security, but also for a wide variety of infrastructure applications.


MSP operators can provide customer-tailored integrated security operations through multi-tenant platforms

Automation reduces risk and costs by 90%

BlockAPT is a cyber defence platform that makes it easier than ever to manage, monitor, automate and respond to tools against APT threats. Automation can reduce cyber risk and operational costs by more than 90%.

Through a single command and control web interface delivered as SaaS, organisations can simplify their infrastructure and maximise their security investment. It is ideal for companies that deploy and manage many security tools to protect their digital assets from ever-increasing cyber attacks.

Design and operation without the need for specialist knowledge and skills

Workflows and response procedures are designed for automation in playbooks that can be built using intuitive drag-and-drop operations.

Flows can be orchestrated in conjunction with diverse applications such as security modules, IT systems and collaboration tools. The built-in playbook library enables rapid deployment.

Easily create your own playbooks to meet the needs of your organisation. Tasks to multiple devices can be scheduled and executed automatically.

Intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards, simplified reporting, predictive insights and analysis in a single console.