Train. Phish. Analyze.

People -
The last line of defence

Know before you are beaten

People are gullible, people make careless mistakes. 'People' are the most vulnerable point, and this is where attackers will exploit. We provide security training and advisory services aimed at overcoming human error.

Security Awareness Training

Unlimited access to fun and understanding videos on a subscription model, also known as the Netflix of the security world.

Mock exercises and Scoring

Through a production-style email attack drill, the trainees learn the procedures and actions to take in the event of a real attack. The measured risk score guides you to the appropriate training.

Deployment Support Service

Assist in developing training plans that encourage employees to develop security literacy and behaviour change while having fun.

Security training in the new normal era

Awareness training that not only transmits knowledge but also encourages behavioural change requires themes that participants can see as ‘personal’ and content that engages them and makes them want to watch the next part of the training. A training plan is developed that is integrated with mock training to continuously measure effectiveness and feedback loops.

Steps to support the introduction of security awareness training

Rather than simply training programmes for course records and audit compliance, we help you develop a training plan that your employees will enjoy while developing their security literacy and encouraging behavioural change.

Based on the premise that people make mistakes, our cybersecurity experts navigate you through the development of practical training plans from the perspective of how to protect your organisation from attacks that exploit human vulnerabilities. Security awareness is improved through the development of a workable plan tailored to the organisation’s needs and circumstances, including the selection of realistic topics such as telework, quantified learning (assessment), access to training content, business risk analysis of target users and phased roll-out by department and region. Increases the return on investment of training.